Record Decrease in Antarctica Sea Ice, Scientists Warn

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Record Decrease in Antarctica Sea Ice, Scientists Warn
  • September 17, 2023
  • 11:30 AM CDT
  • Lukas Tassanyi

Scientists have been warning about decreasing Antarctica ice for decades, but the recent report is alarming. The report published by the BBC revealed that the sea-ice surrounding Antarctica has never been this low in winters. The satellite images also revealed a saddening image of the region that was once resistant to global warming.

Ice is Below Last Average

Walter Meier, who has been monitoring the sea-ice said the latest data is just mind-blowing.  Ice floating on the surface of the Antarctic now measures less than 17 million sq km, which is 1.5 million sq km of sea-ice less than the September average, he said. The missing ice equals the size of the British Isles, the satellite data revealed. 

Record Decrease in Antarctica Sea Ice, Scientists Warn

Scientists Are Hopeless

Dr Meier said he doesn’t see any sort of recovery in the damage that has already been done to Antarctica. Scientists have been trying to locate the exact causes of the recent decrease in the size of sea-ice. But experts suggest human intervention in the form of greenhouse gasses is the main concern.





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