Korean Vlogger Molested While Making Video in India

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Korean Vlogger Molested While Making Video in India
  • December 16, 2023
  • 11:30 AM CST
  • Jay M

A disturbing video surfaced on X, formerly Twitter, where a few men were openly molesting a South Korean Youtuber.

India, considered the most dangerous place for women, has seen multiple such incidents where local men were recorded harassing foreign women.

Korean Vlogger Molested While Making Video in India

A shocking video of CNN senior correspondent Sara Sidner went viral in 2013; since then, reporters have been taking extra measures to protect themselves.

Korean V logger got molested in India. For women tourists India is the worst destination pic.twitter.com/7A3teP01oZ

— Crime Reports India (@AsianDigest) December 16, 2023

South Korean Girl Molested

While the name of the vlogger remains unknown, accounts on X referred to her as a South Korean tourist.

The video shows the Youtuber standing with some men who are saying something she can’t understand.

Upon arriving at the men’s mobile shop, the girl says, “Hello, Nice to meet you”.

The men quickly grabbed the vlogger by the shoulder and tried to say something in the local language.

The girl soon manages to free herself from the identified men, saying, “I have to run away, bye bye”.

Sara Sidner’s video