Italian Journalist Fined for insulting Italian PM Giorgia Meloni

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Italian Journalist Fined for insulting Italian PM Giorgia Meloni
  • October 14, 2023
  • 10:00 AM CDT
  • Dan Bennett

An Italian journalist has been fined 1,000 euros for disrespecting Prime Minister Georgia Meloni.

The journalist Roberto Saviano was found guilty of using derogatory words in an interview before she became the PM.

Italian Journalist Fined for insulting Italian PM Giorgia Meloni

In attesa della sentenza sulla querela di Meloni contro Saviano perché ha detto “bastardi: Meloni, Salvini” davanti alle immagini della morte di un piccolo migrante nel 2020.
Il Pm ha chiesto multa di 10mila euro, l’avvocato di Meloni 75 mila euro, la difesa l’assoluzione.

— Vanessa Ricciardi (@VanessaEffect) October 12, 2023
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What Saviano Actually Said?

According to the BBC, Saviano criticized the current Prime Minister for her comments over charity migrant vessels.

The Voice of America reported that Saviano called the Prime Minister “a bastard” and another far-right politician.

Meloni’s lawyers said the remarks were an insult and not a criticism. Saviano also faces three years imprisonment for criticizing Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini.

Full solidarity w/@robertosaviano as he awaits verdict in a #SLAPP case brought by Giorgia Meloni, current 🇮🇹PM who had sued him for criminal defamation over comments on her migration rhetoric.

No one should be prosecuted for expressing honest views on public interest issues.

— The CASE (@CASECoalition) October 12, 2023

Free Speech Groups Condemned The Fine

PEN International, a free speech advocacy group, condemned the verdict and urged the Italian government to repeal specific laws.

As per Italian law, cases that include defamation can land critics and journalists in prison for 3 years. PEN International said the verdict is a clear warning to all the journalists critical of the government.





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