Utah Biologists Airlift Deer From Wild For Health Checkup

2024-05-31 03:30:529836
Utah Biologists Airlift Deer From Wild For Health Checkup
  • December 21, 2023
  • 10:00 AM CST
  • Dr. Lunide Louis

Biologists in Utah airlifted three deer from the wild for a routine medical checkup.

The line of deer being airlifted looked like Santa’s sleigh from the ground, but the aim was to investigate the migration pattern.

Utah Biologists Airlift Deer From Wild For Health Checkup

Deer Fitted With GPS Monitors

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said the deer were fitted with GPS monitors and brief health checkups.

The GPS monitors will help biologists to understand the migration pattern and assess dangers associated with changing wildlife patterns on the ground.

As per the BBC, the UDWR captures the deer between November and December when they migrate to lower elevations in winter.

Deer Monitoring is Crucial in Winters

According to biologists, deer monitoring is crucial for the lifecycle and well-being of deer.

Deer are vulnerable creatures and can lose their energy trying to flee humans hiking in their habitats during winters, Jim Christensen, DWR regional wildlife manager, believes.

“It’s interesting to follow an animal through its lifecycle — it teaches us a lot about their behavior”, he said.





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