UK Says Russia Set To Lose 500,000 Military Personnel By 2025

2024-04-19 03:41:232
UK Says Russia Set To Lose 500,000 Military Personnel By 2025
  • January 7, 2024
  • 11:30 AM CST
  • Wesley Messamore

Russia is expected to lose 500,000 soldiers by the end of 2024, the United Kingdom’s defense ministry said.

The British ministry of defense said that Russian troops lost 300 soldiers a day in 2023 and if that continues for one more year, that’ll mount to half a million casualties in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

UK Says Russia Set To Lose 500,000 Military Personnel By 2025

Russia is focusing on quantity instead of quality

MOD Statement

“The average daily number of Russian casualties in Ukraine has risen by almost 300 during the course of 2023″.

“If the numbers continue at the current rate over the next year, Russia will have lost over half a million personnel in Ukraine,” the defense ministry said on X, formerly Twitter.

Ukrainian troops

The Business Insider Report

Writing for the Business Insider, Ukraine war reporter Alia Shoaib, also said that the British defense ministry cited data from the Ukrainian intelligence sources.

Alia said the numbers couldn’t be verified as the methodology used by the Ukrainian ministry of defense is far from known.

The British defense ministry previously said that Putin is showing no regard for its own troops who are dying in such huge numbers.





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