South Korea Sentences Children For Watching South Korean Videos

2024-05-30 19:58:41917
South Korea Sentences Children For Watching South Korean Videos
  • January 19, 2024
  • 2:30 PM CST
  • Lukas Tassanyi

The North Korean authorities have sent two young teens to 12 years of hard labor for watching South Korean videos.

The strange incident was recorded by an organization linked with South Korean defectors.

South Korea Sentences Children For Watching South Korean Videos

The footage shows two kids, both 16-years-old, standing in front of their colleagues in front of judges who are convicting the kids of the crime.

Footage Unverified

North Korea has placed strict restrictions on the liberty of people in expressing themselves as South Koreans.

Any movie, footage, or song which shows South Korean culture can put people behind bars.

Reuters couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the video which was first published by the BBC.

Snapshot from the video

The recent sentencing shows the persistent threat South Korean culture poses to North Korea, at least this is what North Korean leader Kim Jong- un thinks.

In conversation with the Guardian, Choi Kyong-hui, Doctor of Political Science at Tokyo University suggests “Z young people have changed their way of thinking. I think he’s (Kim is) working on turning it back to the North Korean way.”





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