Heat To Kill Five Times More People By 2050

2024-06-19 18:58:585
Heat To Kill Five Times More People By 2050
  • November 15, 2023
  • 2:30 PM CST
  • Joe Lawson

An international team of experts on Wednesday revealed that a skyrocketing fivefold increase in heat-related deaths is looming in the coming decades.

Top global health research collection stresses that urgent action on climate change is necessary to reverse a dangerous impact on humanity’s well-being.

Heat To Kill Five Times More People By 2050

Tip of The Iceberg

The researchers concluded that global heat will surpass the optimum levels in two and a half decades.

The phenomenon is expected to increase by five times, which can seriously threaten the billions on earth.

The researchers said the assessment was just the tip of an iceberg, and other variables were also at play, the researchers said.

Fossil Fuels Are Not Coming Down

The Lancet Countdown report reveals that carbon emissions hit record highs last year, fueled by increasing government subsidies and private investments in fossil fuels.

The clock is ticking, emphasizing the critical need for a collective commitment to curb climate change.





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