US Avoids Government Shutdown in Last

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US Avoids Government Shutdown in Last-Minute Deal
  • October 1, 2023
  • 11:30 AM CDT
  • Jaclyn Strauss
house speaker Kevin McCarthy

The US government averted the much-anticipated government shutdown after a deal. The last-minute deal between the republicans and the democrats was welcomed by both parties. The senate and the house agreed to fund the government temporarily for 45 days after passing the bill.

Bill Signed By Biden

The House of Representatives passed the much needed bill with 335-91 votes, with 209 Democrats supporting the bill. The US President Joe Biden signed the bill to avoid the shutdown which would have left millions without paycheck. The bill was presented by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hours before the shutdown deadline.

US Avoids Government Shutdown in Last

What’s Next Now?

Although the last hour bill gave the government 45 days, the nightmare is far from over. If the legislatures failed to reach definite agreement, millions of government employees will have their paycheck delayed including two million military personnel.





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