US Military Aircraft Crashes Into Sea off Japan Coast

2024-04-12 18:59:5836872
US Military Aircraft Crashes Into Sea off Japan Coast
  • November 29, 2023
  • 10:00 AM CST
  • Lukas Tassanyi

A US military plane has crashed into the waters off southern Japan, as per the NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation.

The Japanese Coast Guard has successfully retrieved the Osprey aircraft and a deployed lifeboat from the sea.

US Military Aircraft Crashes Into Sea off Japan Coast

The media have reported at least one casualty with few injuries.

Eight Crew Members On Board

Onboard were eight crewmembers, according to initial accounts of the incident.

The hybrid aircraft, capable of functioning as both a helicopter and an airplane, is believed to have taken off from the US Yokota air base in Tokyo.

Although there are indications of one casualty, the US military has stated that they are currently investigating the crash.

The Cause of The Crash

Eyewitnesses to the event reported that the left engine of the aircraft was ablaze as it went down near Yakushima airport.

Local fishing boats promptly alerted the Japanese coast guard after the plane vanished from radar detection.

The exact cause of the crash is still being investigated by the US military, which is expected to take some time.





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