Slot Machines Go Down in Cyber

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Slot Machines Go Down in Cyber-Attack On MGM Resorts
  • September 12, 2023
  • 10:00 AM CDT
  • Zai Apolonio

Casino and hotel giant MGM Resorts in Las Vegas came under cyber attack resulting in malfunctioning slot machines and online room booking systems. The firm assured the customers that it was facing a cybersecurity issue, due to which they were closing down certain systems.

Websites Were Down

In a long statement on twitter, the MGM resorts said most of the systems including the firm’s websites were down. The hotel and casino company had to shut down other operations to protect the stored data on the systems.

Slot Machines Go Down in Cyber

The company sought help from leading cybersecurity experts and also notified the enforcement officials.

The NBC 10 News reported that MGM’s Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City and Grand Detroit Casino were also affected by the attack.

Systems Have Started Working Again

After 10 hours, the company gave an update where it said they were able to restore some of the operations.

“Dining, entertainment and gaming are currently operations”, the new statement on MGM Resorts’ X said.





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