Woman Setting Fire Martin Luther King Jr's House Prevented

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Woman Setting Fire Martin Luther King Jr’s House Prevented
  • December 8, 2023
  • 11:05 AM CST
  • Zai Apolonio

A woman who was trying to burn down Martin Luther King Jr’s house was prevented by bystanders.

The accused, who poured petrol on the property, was stopped by bystanders, preventing potential destruction of Luther’s historic landmark.

Woman Setting Fire Martin Luther King Jr's House Prevented

The two-story house, where Dr. King spent his early years, is a federal landmark and recently closed for renovations.

The motive is unknown, but the BBC said the woman was mentally distressed.


Atlanta police arrested a woman for attempting to burn down Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth home.

The suspect poured gasoline around the home and lit a fire, but a security guard extinguished it.

The fire did not reach the house, and no injuries were reported.… pic.twitter.com/QAOYUzj7yO

— BoreCure (@CureBore) December 8, 2023

Building Not Damaged

The local fire officials said the house was fine and no damage was done to it.

The accused, currently in custody, may face charges for her actions.

One of the witnesses said the woman was physically fine and showed no emotions when he tried to block her path.

Authorities praised the swift response of bystanders and encouraged the preservation of this vital part of American history.

Suspect seen pouring gasoline on the front windows





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