Man Asked To Compensate Police After Fake Kidnapping

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Man Asked To Compensate Police After Fake Kidnapping
  • September 27, 2023
  • 11:30 AM CDT
  • Ali Nawaz Khan

An Australian man who faked kidnapping has been asked to compensate the police. The man named Paul Iera faked his own kidnapping on the New Year’s Eve when he wanted to spend the night with another woman instead of his partner. The Wollongong court ordered Iera to pay $10,334 to the police for investigation expenses.

Story Behind The Fake Kidnapping

The BBC reported that on 31s of December, 2022, Iera sent a text message to his partner pretending to be his kidnapper. The kidnapper is reported to have told her that they are going to keep him till Monday. Iera’s partner informed the police immediately and upon investigation, the police found Iera in his van the next morning.

Man Asked To Compensate Police After Fake Kidnapping

Police Spent $16,218 on Investigation

The Police said they spent more than 200 hours investigating the whereabouts of Iera, who faked his kidnapping. The police department spent $16,218 on paying wages and obtaining phone records, local media said. Iera was asked by the court to perform 350 hours of community service as well as compensation to police.





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