UNLV Shooting: Police Shoots Ex

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UNLV Shooting: Police Shoots Ex-College Professor Who Killed 3
  • December 7, 2023
  • 11:30 AM CST
  • Lisa Marie Platske

Police officers shot and killed a former college professor who killed three people in a shooting at the University of Nevada, Los Vegas.

The suspect, a white former college professor, opened fire on the campus on Wednesday morning.

UNLV Shooting: Police Shoots Ex

The suspect had taught in Georgia and North Carolina before applying for a job at UNLV.

Suspect Neutralized

The police have not released the exact time the suspect entered the campus and started shooting.

The college first reported that at around 11:53 local time, there was an exchange of fire inside the campus.

One of the students told a local ABC station that the police engaged the suspect right away when he started shooting.

Motive Unknown

The police are still investigating the suspect’s motive behind the attack.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sheriff said they have no idea at the moment why the suspect, who was a professor by profession, got to the point of killing people on the campus.





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